Welcome to Airline Mandatory Training:

 Trainingsolution offers:


 - Emergency Training for Commercial and VIP Crews acc. EASA Part CC and FC / OTAR/ ICAO

 - Single and Senior Cabin Crew Training for Commercial and Business Aviation
 - Human Factors Training
 - First Aid Training
 - Dangerous Goods Training PK  for Flight- and Cabin Crew


  Initial Training,

  Conversion Training

  Recurrent Training

  Singl Cabin Crew Member Training

  Senior Cabin Crew Member Training


 News! News! News!

  All the best for our friends and clientes in the new year 2021!

  Because of Corona, we offer special Recurrent Training for Flight and Cabin Crews as a Video Briefing    Training and Online Games!!! Use this tool to be current. Programmes available for SEP and CRM.

  Contact: trainingsolution@web.de