Frank Petro Founder and Senior Manager Trainingsolution and

COO /  Nominated Person Training (NPT) of Crew and More GmbH.

Crew and More GmbH is an Approved Cabin Crew Training Organisation according EASA Part CC.

In 1977, Frank Petro started his career as a mechanic in aircraft maintenance. In 1984, he became an instructor for emergency training at Interflug, where he taught for seven years. In 1991, he was offered and accepted a position with Lufthansa Flight Training. Parallel to this he finished his studies in pedagogy and mechanical engineering. In 1999, he accepted a position with Condor Flight Services, taking responsibility for the cabin and flight crew training department that also included Safety Equipment and Procedures, Human factors , Security and First Aid Training. He established LOFST (Line oriented flight safety training) now used as an integral part of initial training and by several other airlines. Frank Petro was responsible for the departmental budget, contracting and managing communications. He established many train-the-trainer courses and other custom-made programmes for several airlines including Sun express, Turkish Airlines, CAA Latvia, Thomas Cook Belgium and Air Astana. Since August 2010, and with more than 25 years of experience in the field, Frank  is now the senior manager of his own training company Trainingsolution


Since 2012 Frank is the responsible Nominated Person Training of Crew and More GmbH. 



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