Train the Trainer Courses

- Basic Pedagogical Courses for new Trainer Course Content for 2 days:

 Training Preparation

  Development of training concepts

  Compilation of training manuals/ handouts for participants

  Classroom equipment / Seating arrangements

 The role of the Trainer

  Motivating behaviour as a teacher

  Appreciating contact with the participants

  Creating a learning atmosphere of trust

  Biology of learning

  Professional trainer performance (speech, body language, attitude)

 Visual Presentation

  Working with flip charts / Use of Meta plan cards

  Design of PowerPoint presentations / Presentation techniques

 Lectures and Discussions

  Structure and length of a lecture / Vivid presentation

  Activation and involvement of participants

  Different techniques of questioning / Principles of moderation

 Interactive Learning

  Group work / Role playing / Video training / Educational games


  Feedback and fair critics / Handling of disturbances / Constructive conflict management

- Specialized Train-the-Trainer Courses for SEP Trainer Course Content for 5 days:

 Rules & Programs: EU OPS, EASA and national rules

 Aircraft Certification: Evacuation Test / Minimum Cabin Crew / Passenger seat capacity

 Trainer: Trainer profile, Qualification / Background knowledge / Further Qualification

 Training documents: Handouts for trainees / trainer hand book / SEP  Manual

 Training lessons: Aircraft Exits div. Aircraft types / Doors / Over wing exit / Cockpit Door and windows / Emergency 


 Ditching procedure: General, Risks / Practical exercises / Work sheet

 Cabin Preparation Procedure: Structure / Commands / PSP/ABP / Brace for Impact / Time critical CPP / Work sheet

 Cabin Fire Procedure: Preventive measures / Galley-, Cabin Smoke / Real Fire Training / Cabin Fire Procedure

 Practical Wet drill Slide/Raft: Slide/raft Briefing /  Evacuation exercise / Wet drill /  Survival general

 Fuelling with pax on board: General / Special safety measures

 Decompression:  General /Lloss of pressure / Oxygen system cabin/cockpit

 Dangerous Goods Regulation: Table 2.3.a IATA DGR / CBT Program / Work paper

 Practical class room exercises of each participant

- Specialized Train the Trainer Course for Fire Fighting

  Basic rules

  ICAO rules

  Airport classification

  Airport Fire brigade Equipment

  Airport Fire Brigade Procedure

  Practical Fire Fighting

  New Dangerous Equipment on Board (Li Ion Battery)

  Cabin Fire Procedure

  Different cenarios on Board

  Use of fire fighting equipment